I am not an entirely lazy waste of space

Well this blog may not support the title’s claim just yet, but I have honestly been working a bit over the summer with regards to FMP and my degree and just being a decent human being (even had an actual job where people pay me money and stuff).

I currently think I have two ideas for FMP. One I regard as pretty much nearly finished with regards to scripting. The other has only just started to take a very embryonic (big words = more marks right?) form today. I will post some follow up tomorrow to develop and expand upon these ideas and hopefully show I’m not talking a load of guff.

As it stands, I think I like the new idea more (possibly just because I’ve been thinking about the old idea for too long and have got bored, not because it’s necessarily crap) but am not decided which one I wish to pursue. In an ideal world where people just spontaneously give me large sums of money (and don’t ask for it back like banks or the government) then I would probably try to make both but I’m not sure that’ll be possible.

Both feel like they’ll be really quite ambitious projects far bigger than anything i’ve made previously, but I think the ideas and stories are good. All that motivational gubbins about if you don’t dream big you’ll never get anywhere I suppose.

So yeah, what this space I suppose.

That’s a crap way to end a blog.

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